Radan/Workplan Terms and Conditions

Radan/Workplan Terms and Conditions

Radan/Workplan Terms and Conditions

For details on the warranty please read the End User License Agreement at customers.ps.hexagonmi.com/EULA
  • Server code – this is a 24-digit string that is in the format 1234-5678-1234-5678-1234-5678. The server code is unique for each license configuration.
  • Date (month and year) – the expiry date of the license file defines the latest release of software that can be used. Software released after the expiry date will not run with the license file – a new license file with an expiry date later than the software release is required (see next section) The expiry date is updated when a Support and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is purchased.
  • Lock Code – this is a unique code generated from the PC or Hardware Security Key that the Product License is locked to.
    Examples Lock Codes:
    Keyless = *123ABC456STU789 or 14-*123ABC456STU789
    With a Hardware Security Key = 80-*123ABC456STU789 or 100-*123ABC456STU789 (Note that Hardware security keys are not available anymore)
  • Subscription Licenses (Subs)
    The term “Subs” refers to a Subscription Price List.
    Subscription products are for a 12-month timed license and are only available for new configurations, they cannot be added to existing Purchase configurations.
  • Subscriptions auto renew on their yearly adversary unless notified 30 days in advance of cancellation of Services
Product Licenses
  • Keyless Product Licenses will be supplied by default.
  • Keyless network Product Licenses are tied to a nominated server. Licenses can be moved to another server provided that a Support and Maintenance Agreement is in place and subject to evidence of license revocation on the previous server using the software utilities provided.
  • The expiry date for any intermediate version is the same as the main version they apply to.
License Charge’s
  • For Network Product Licenses and maintenance renewals the Network License Charge applies. The charge also applies to transfers from a standalone license to a network license. For LAN based network configurations (usually at the same site/facility) a premium of 10% of the software value will be charged. For WAN based network configurations (usually when licenses are shared between different sites/facilities) an additional premium of 10% of the original software value will be charged.
  • License changes occur a $200USD admin fee
Licensing of Multiple Hexagon Products
  • If a customer wishes to purchase 2 or more Hexagon products on network licenses from different Resellers, the network licenses for each product must be installed on different server PC’s. This ensures that the respective products can be maintained by each Reseller.
  • If multiple Hexagon brands are provided by a single Reseller, they can all be included in the same license file under a single server code and will by default have the same expiry date.
Replacement Hardware Security Keys
  • Hardware Security Keys will not be replaced anymore.
  • Customers with a current Support and Maintenance Agreement will be offered to replace their Hardware Security Key with a Keyless license free of charge. The Keyless license will be supplied with a 30-day keyless code until Hexagon receive the Hardware security Key. Then a permanent keyless code will be issued. For customers without a current Support and Maintenance Agreement, after the warranty period, a Keyless Security code should be ordered.
Lost or Stolen Product Licenses
  • For customers with a current Support and Maintenance Agreement stolen Product Licenses will be replaced free of charge on submission of a local police report which confirms the theft, lost Product Licenses will be replaced free of charge on submission of a signed declaration confirming the loss.
  • Customers without a current Support and Maintenance Agreement need to replace Product Licenses at the full system value.
Standalone to Network License Conversion
Customers wishing to change from a standalone license to network licensing must have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement and purchase the Network License Charge (refer to License Charge section above).
Virtual Servers License

Licensing protection on virtual server licensing will be achieved using Keyless licensing. The final customer will have to sign a form restricting him to use only the number of licenses he bought.

  • Form available on HCP in Help/License Documentation/ Exemption form to install a keyless license on a Virtual Server
  • Moving from one System to another will be priced at the difference between systems.
  • A Support and Maintenance Agreement must be in place if upgrades or add-on modules are purchased.
Software Training Agreement
  • Software Training can be purchased in packs of 8-, 16- and 24-hour blocks, these hours can be broken down into manageable time periods allowing SNC to work around busy times and staff workload.
  • Onsite Software Training may have additional travel & accommodation costs.
  • Customers with an active Support and Maintenance Agreement receive a 20% discount off Software Training Packs.
  • Software Training is not covered under the Support and Maintenance Agreement.
Support and Maintenance Agreement 
  • A Support and Maintenance Agreement is charged at a percentage of the software list price every year. For new system sales, a 12-month Support and Maintenance Agreement is mandatory.
  • When additional software systems or modules are purchased, the customer may want to align Support and Maintenance Agreement expiry dates. For this purpose, an extension to the Support and Maintenance Agreement may be purchased in single month units. This facility is available only if 12-month Support and Maintenance Agreement is being purchased on at least one of the seats.
Expired Support and Maintenance Agreement
An expired contract charge will be added to orders placed after the expiry date of the Support and Maintenance Agreement. The expired contract charge is 20% of the annual maintenance charge.
Lapsed Support and Maintenance Agreement
  • A 12 month back charge will be made for any customer who wishes to reinstate a Support and Maintenance Agreement which has lapsed for more than 3 months. A new 12-month Support and Maintenance Agreement must also be purchased at the same time.
  • Lapsed Maintenance Contracts of up to 3 months may be backdated to avoid the lapsed contract charge.
License Transfer
  • Product Licenses can only be transferred from one customer to another with the written permission of Hexagon It is a breach of the License Agreement for a customer to transfer a Product Licenses to a recipient customer without written permission. Authorized transfers will be subject to a transfer fee payable by the recipient customer (License Transfer option on the Price list). In addition, the recipient customer must purchase a new Support and Maintenance Agreement that will run from the date the transfer is made. Unauthorised transfer of licenses is in breach of the EULA.
  • Hexagon reserves the right to refuse to accept any license transfers.



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