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Designer reverse engineering system data-driven manufacturing

DESIGNER’s versatility and wide-ranging capabilities makes it the perfect reverse engineering system for smart, data-driven manufacturing

Designer sheetmetal software

DESIGNER is a key element of a factory’s digital thread, providing an end-to-end solution starting from reverse engineering, surface, solid and sheet metal modelling, and creation of 2D drawings, through macros and scripting, to linking with Hexagon CAM software.

Reverse Engineering

Using DESIGNER’s reverse engineering capabilities, engineers can move smoothly from point cloud management through to the creation of meshes, surface models and solids all within a single design environment that includes a fully enabled direct modelling system. As a result, they can optimise their use of intelligent data to create a complete digital twin that is ready for manufacturing.

2D to 3D

DESIGNER supports the import of 2D data such as DXF and DWG files. These can be quickly and efficiently converted into manufacturable 3D models. The imported 2D data automatically creates sketch profile regions making the transformation from 2D to 3D easier than ever.

Sheet metal

DESIGNER’s dedicated sheet metal module delivers powerful functionalities that enable parts to be redesigned from solid or surface models to sheet metal parts, ready for manufacturing. It takes into account manufacturing parameters and provides dedicated tools to calculate all the required sheet metal operations. The combination of direct modelling and the targeted sheet metal functionality makes light work of changing bend locations and modifying corner conditions. Users can easily identify and fix collisions by expanding or reducing a flange to avoid overlaps when unfolding, optimise unfolded parts for nesting. These are just some of the powerful capabilities of the DESIGNER Advanced Sheet Metal module.

Macros and scripting

DESIGNER helps to improve productivity through design automation using macro recording and playback. Macros capture the user inputs and saves them as JavaScript. These macros can then be replayed to reproduce what was recorded. Macros can be linked together to create an automated workflow. Several commands can be recorded and replayed repeatedly. Using this functionality, users can create a series of part models of the same shape but different sizes. The scripts can then be edited by the user to introduce flow control, parametric variables, or complex functions. The full power of modern JavaScript can be used to build a highly customised automation environment.

Electrode design

Designed by engineers with extensive experience in the mould and die industry, DESIGNER’s optional module provides dedicated and intuitive functions to optimise electrode design. The combination of the streamlined electrode functionality, easy-to-use direct modelling commands and powerful surfacing and healing tools means electrodes can be extracted quickly from imported models; this enables users to create finer details on parts that can’t be machined using traditional milling techniques.

Link to Hexagon CAM software

DESIGNER provides an enhanced link to Hexagon CAM software products i.e. EDGECAM /WORKNC/
SURFCAM/ALPHACAM/RADAN/MACHINING STRATEGIST. The workflow linking DESIGNER with CAM software has been streamlined, ensuring a simple and automated process.

Extensive range of CAD interfaces

DESIGNER can also import data from a wide variety of exchange formats, including Parasolid, IGES, STEP, ACIS, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA files as well as native data from CAD systems such as Catia V4 & V5, Pro/ENGINEER & PTC Creo and Autodesk Inventor. The extensive range of translators ensures that users can work with data from almost any supplier. Very large files can be handled with ease and companies working with complex designs will benefit from the simplicity with which their customer’s CAD data can be utilised.

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