CAD/CAM Solutions for the Manufacturing industry

RADAN is the total CAD CAM solution for cutting sheet metal. We understand that metal is precious in your business and with our software, your company can significantly reduce inventory and increase material utilization, allowing you to realize true return on your investment.

RADAN offers the following applications:


Radpunch - Intelligent Sheet Metal Punching Programming Software That Supports All Major Manufacturers

Radpunch is market leading software for programming punching machines. With over 35 years of punching experience, RADAN successfully drives thousands of punching machine tools worldwide. 


Radprofile - Program Sheet Metal Profiling Machines With Reliable CNC Code

Radprofile is market leading solution for programming profiling machines. Having driven the first profiling machines to be introduced to the market, RADAN now successfully drives thousands of profiling machine tools worldwide. 


Combi - The Perfect Solution For Seamless Punching & Profiling Machining

Combi is the perfect solution for customers utilizing both punch & profile technologies. Designed to satisfy independent punch & profile requirements and also providing a seamless transfer of parts between them. 


Radbend - Offline Programming For Press Brakes & Full 3D Simulation For Sheet Metal Bending

Radbend is the market leading solution in offline programming for press brakes. Completely integrated with RADAN3D along with SolidWorks & Autodesk Inventor providing full 3D simulation of the bending process. 


RADAN 3D - An Efficient 3D Modelling Package Designed To Make Sheet Metal Design Accurate & Simple

RADAN understands sheet metal manufacturing requirements and typical issues such as bend allowance and corner relief are all taken into account with RADAN 3D. 

5 Axis

Radm-ax - Driving 5 Axis Lasers And Meeting CNC Part Programming Needs

Radm-ax is part of a suite of software with facilities for designing geometrical models, importing models from external CAD systems and CNC part programming. 


Radtube - Driving Dedicated Tube Cutting Machines As Well As The Rotary Axis On Flat Bed Lasers

Radtube is part of a suite of software with facilities for designing geometrical models, importing models from external CAD systems and CNC part programming. 

Production Management


Calculate The Costs Of Sheet Metal Parts For Quick & Accurate Quotes

Radquote has been specifically designed for the sheet metal industry for the fast efficient quoting of sheet metal parts. Utilizing RADAN’s extensive manufacturing capabilities allows Radquote to arrive quickly at accurate costs and professional quotations for the typical multiple operations involved in production.


WORKPLAN is a MES job-management software solution especially suited for job shops, custom and made-to-order manufacturers. WORKPLAN is designed to automate and help manage their business processes.

WORKPLAN manages your complete business activity starting from creating a Quote and going until you Ship-out the job & Invoice the customer

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