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WORKPLAN is a MES job-management software solution especially suited for job shops, custom and made-to-order manufacturers. WORKPLAN is designed to automate and help manage their business processes.

WORKPLAN manages your complete business activity starting from creating a Quote and going until you Ship-out the job & Invoice the customer.

WORKPLAN Offers the following features:

Quotations: Estimator module is specifically designed to quote for various and multiple versions of the same parts, assemblies & keeping track of all revised versions with changes in design, options, services and global budget.

Job Management: Job Tracker module is a one-stop place which contains all of the technical and financial data such as; job set-up, routing, capture costs, profit/loss, financial summary, detailed sales status reports.

Information Manager: Have all documents and project related data stored together in one place & easy to find. Retrieve and review past jobs/quotes information. Receive automatic email alarms say for quotes due, jobs progress status, inventory levels. Manage and follow up your actions thanks to your customized to do list.

Purchasing & Stock Management: Automate the creation of RFQs, purchase orders for jobs or stock, issue subcontracting orders, receive POs, traceability, vendor invoices. Maintain storage bins, price administration for stock movements, define stock levels, reserve & withdraw quantities, etc.

Planning & Scheduling: Schedule resources with a drag and drop interface. Create a GANTT Chart taking into account the available capacity of the resources. Export the results to MS-Excel for easy distribution to all the stakeholders.

Time Management: Collect real time data to record actual time spent by employees & machines via touch screens or barcodes. Provide visibility for managers to see which tasks are being performed by which employee and on which machine. The WorkShop view enables to control real time activity.

Quality: Meet ISO standards, track quality related issues, continuous improvement by measuring, analyzing and corrective steps.

Several Modules, Tools & Interfaces: WORKPLAN comes with several modules, tools & interfaces to complement its MES capabilities including Mobile Access, WORKXPLORE Interface, Analyses of your data, Accounting/Payroll Interfaces, Advanced BOM, CRM, Multi-sites, Serial Production, Cash Forecast, KPIs, XML Agent, Backup & Batch calculations.



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