WORKPLAN Benefits & Overview

Custom and project based manufacturers often find it difficult to find the right ERP system suited to their unique needs, with a focus on the job or project. Many complex ERP systems bog down the small to mid-sized manufacturers by complex processes. WORKPLAN’s flexibility and adaptability is a real strength as it offers the possibility to the final users to customize their work. 
WORKPLAN is easy to use, with a friendly user interface always following the same consistency and process. WORKPLAN’s main strength is that you only need to enter your data once, not repetitively. WORKPLAN allows you to continue to use your familiar, existing accounting software so that your business can enjoy the benefits of using an MES program quicker.

WORKPLAN has many benefits for job shops, custom manufacturers and made-to-order businesses such as:

Scalability: WORKPLAN is fully scalable and modular to fit your current and future business needs. Its robust database can handle small or large business data efficiently. It comes with the fundamental modules needed by all businesses standards, the advanced modules such as Scheduling, Quality or Real Time Management can be implemented at a later stage. 

Multiple Users: WORKPLAN does not restrict the creation of several users, like other ERP systems. The only limit is to the number of concurrent or simultaneous users, but not total users.

Connectivity: WORKPLAN can be accessed by any computer that is connected to its server via your network or VPN. 

Smart Phone & Tablets: Access files and data on the go, from anywhere, through your smart phone or tablet.

Tools: WORKPLAN includes tools for automatic functions such as backing up your database, or running complex batch calculations on a nightly basis.

WORKPLAN includes several Main modules, add-on modules, interfaces and tools, they are listed below:

Main Modules:

  • Quotation & version management
  • Job/ Sales Orders set-up, Budgets, indexes management
  • Purchasing & RFQ
  • Manual Time Manager
  • Infomanager

Add-on Modules and tools:

  • Real Time Data (Employee times, leaves, overtime, breaks, calendar)
  • Mobile Access to WORKPLAN via Smartphones & Tablets
  • Manage Stock levels & physical Inventory taking
  • Forecast Cash Flow needs & evaluate business performance via KPI
  • Track quality issues, related costs, analysis
  • Sales Opportunity management & scheduling of pre-sales activities 
  • Multi-site option to manage different strategic business areas of the same company
  • Part production : manage good & rejected parts 
  • Scheduling: simulate the jobs & see how the resources are loaded in a time frame or with different scenarios

Main Interfaces:

  • Import any Bill of Materials directly from your CAD data
  • Interface to your Accounting system or Payroll systems
  • Import completed times from external systems into WORKPLAN
  • Manage Payroll needs to pay normal time, overtime, absences via third party systems
  • WORKXPLORE Native Interface, a viewer, to analyze the assembly trees of your CAD data

Complementary Tools:

  • Database backup utility
  • Nightly Batch calculations


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