WORKPLAN ERP/MES Solutions for the Manufacturing industry


In today’s world, the custom manufacturing market is demanding and a constant head-to-head race against competitors. Globalization and innovation have made the competition ever more aggressive, customers have become more demanding, qualified staff is hard to come by.

Being the first to deliver a well-pitched job quotation will give you a decent head start over the competition. But to stay in the lead, you must provide high quality, at a competitive price, with shorter delivery times. To do this you have to optimize your business and production processes and manage all your resources…

Organizing or planning “Enterprise Resources” is commonly perceived as a big investment that doesn’t always payback. There’s good reason for this: Most ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”) systems on the market take control of your work environment – from hardware to everyday work processes – without understanding your particular needs.

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) functions as an information system which connects, monitors and controls manufacturing systems and data flow on the factory floor. The primary goal of the MES is to ensure the practical execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output.

This is where WORKPLAN is different: this MTO – ETO software solution was developed to meet the requirements and replicate the specific procedures and codes of the CAD CAM industries. Budget, time, manpower, materials, resources, costs and cash flow: WORKPLAN will help you control your manufacturing progress and increase your productivity.


WORKPLAN is a MES/ERP job-management software solution especially suited for job shops, prototype, custom and made-to-order manufacturers. WORKPLAN is designed to automate and help manage their business processes.

WORKPLAN Benefits / Overview

Custom and project based manufacturers often find it difficult to find the right ERP system suited to their unique needs, with a focus on the job or project. Many complex ERP systems bog down the small to mid-sized manufacturers by complex processes. WORKPLAN’s flexibility and adaptability is a real strength as it offers the possibility to the final users to customize their work.

WORKPLAN Stock Management

WORKPLAN provides full management of purchasing and stock management functions, including doing RFQs, creating purchase orders, material receiving to vendor invoicing. Get reports in real time for stock on hand for projects and trace stock items in the system.


WORKPLAN allows you to schedule based on set priorities and availability of resources. You can perform forward looking, backward looking or period simulations. Next, utilize WORKPLAN’s GANTT charting to optimize your workload reduce bottlenecks, control milestones and meet due dates.

WORKPLAN Time Management

Manage and track time spent on projects with WORKPLAN’s time management functions. Data can be entered from touch screens, workstations, barcode readers or time cards.

WORKPLAN Quality Management

The WORKPLAN Quality module allows you to track separately time and costs associated with quality issues. This module not only can be used to help you keep track of ISO requirements, but also evaluate suppliers and cross-functional product quality.

WORKPLAN Additional Modules

WORKPLAN has additional tools and options linked to the fundamental modules. It is extremely easy to extract all the relevant information through customizable screens and views. Tools like Myfiltermaker, MyDataselection, Customizable user starting page, Analysis Menu, Advanced Bill of Materials, Multi-sites option and Cash Flow keep an eye on your to do task list on a daily basis.

WORKPLAN Interfaces

WORKPLAN either includes or has available optional interfaces to streamline some of the other tasks required in businesses like Accounting and Payroll Interface.WORKPLAN benefits from an SAP Certification and can easily be implemented and communicate with SAP through validated and certified scenarios.The XML Agent allows a great flexibility to import or exchange Data with other systems like dedicated detailed Planning.


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