WORKPLAN Additional Modules


WORKPLAN has additional functionality either included or in some of the modules including:

Mobile Access:  access your quotes, jobs, invoices from your smart phone or tablet.
Analysis: Perform detailed analysis specific to quotes, jobs, times, costs and other metrics with a few simple mouse clicks.
Advanced Bill of Materials: Can be used to import the BOM information from your CAD system
CRM Customer Relationship Management: Manage sales opportunities, schedule activities, create reminders, all this can be viewed on a timeline.
Multi-Sites: Manage different physical or strategic business locations of the same company
Serial Production: Manage production of serial parts for job and stock. Register conforming and scrapped parts.
Cash Forecast: View cash inflow and outflow based on payments scheduled, as well as invoices created for accounts receivable and ordered materials from accounts payable.
Key Performance Indicators: Gauge the performance in real time via customized indicators, reports and analysis menu.


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