As of version 2022.0, DESIGNER is available to anyone with a qualifying product on maintenance. Users of the following products on maintenance can make use of DESIGNER Companion:

  • RADAN CAD/CAM (without 3D); you can use DESIGNER to import 3D files, assign material properties and unfold the parts. The parts can then be sent to RADAN CAD/CAM for nesting, to Radquote or to Radbend
  • Radbend; you can use DESIGNER to import 3D files and unfold them as with RADAN CAD/CAM above
  • Radan 3D; in addition to the functionality described above, you can use DESIGNER to create and/or modify sheet metal parts


Many of the functions in DESIGNER can now be recorded and played back to automate repetitive tasks.


Design Material

DESIGNER 2022.0 is capable of reading the design material from a 3rd party 3D file. This material is shown and can then be matched with a material from the materials database:

DESIGNER 2022.0 Design material

Materials Database

DESIGNER 2022.0 uses a comprehensive materials and bending database, stored in the cloud at Hexagon SFx. The connection with this database gives access to advanced material properties and bending data, such as favourite unfolding methods, v-widths and tools.

DESIGNER Materials

Bends and Corner Reliefs

Fast and Automatic Selection

When applying any kind of corner relief (wedge, circular or watertight), it is now possible to select the corner with a single click:

DESIGNER Corner Relief

Delete Corner Relief

A new function allows the user to remove a pre-existing corner relief – making it really easy to change corner solutions:

DESIGNER Corner Relief
Designer corner relief radan 2022.0

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