Material Mapping

The material databases of WORKPLAN and Radquote can now be mapped to avoid duplicate data entry.


Any images used when building the quote in Radquote are now also used in WORKPLAN.

WORKPLAN 2022.0 images
Workplan 2021 images

Coil Management

Starting with version 2022.0 it is possible to register and manage coils for materials in WORKPLAN.

The coil is a raw material (type plate) managed only in weight unit… it is very difficult to determine the exact length of the material when it is coiled.

The length of the raw material will have an approximative value based on weight, width, and material density.

Every plate material could be managed as coil as long the “Use unit” on the component sheet is defined as a weight unit.

Coil Management

Create Job Lines by Drag and Drop of Symbol Files

You can add Sales Orders lines to an existing sales order by drag & drop of SYM files. For this RADAN Interface must be active.

Create Job Lines by Drag and Drop of Symbol Files

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