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DESIGNER – Sheetmetal CAD

DESIGNER is Hexagon’s CAD application for smarter manufacturing, providing a variety of solid, surface, sheet metal modelling capabilities, creation of 2D drawings, design automation through macros and scripting and a link to Hexagon CAM software.

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at the specific Sheetmetal tools in DESIGNER including:

Modifying and unfolding imported sheet metal parts
Creating Sheetmetal parts & using the SFx database for unfolding data.
This webinar is applicable to all our Existing Customers using RADAN Software / Prospects looking for Sheet Metal CAD Application for Smarter Manufacturing.

User interface

An overview of DESIGNER’s interface and key functionalities, exploring how to access key tools for working with CAD geometry. 

Direct modelling

An introduction to using tools and commands that gives users complete freedom of construction.

Geometry properties

Learn about the tools in DESIGNER that enable you to gather essential geometry information.

Creating geometry

An introduction to fundamental commands so you can start to create geometry quickly and easily.

Creating revolved geometry

Learn about DESIGNER’s comprehensive sketching tools and how to create a revolved component from a sketch. 

Creating 2D drawings

This video provides an in-depth illustration of the DESIGNER tools that enable you to create 2D drawings directly from a solid model.


A walk-through of useful DESIGNER capabilities and tools for working with different workplanes.

Working with precision

This video offers insightful demonstrations of a range of DESIGNER tools to create high quality, precision CAD, including feature rotation, cylindrical geometries, and…

Selection tool

Explore a range of selection methods to make workflows more efficient during complex projects.

Sheet metal

Learn about some of the enhanced capabilities and features of DESIGNER’s sheet metal module, optimised for design, modification and preparation of geometry. 


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