WORKXPLORE offers a wide range of creation functions


Users can convey their ideas, observations, instructions and change requests easily and quickly with 2 types WORKXPLORE’s annotation functions.
2D Annotations:
2D annotations are always displayed according to screen orientation and with a fixed font size.
3D Annotations:
These annotations are projected onto a 3D plane. These 3D texts have the same behavior as other entities in the 3D Viewing Area.

All customary layout functionality is available (font size, color, frames, background color,…).
In addition to creating 2D and 3D annotations, there are also some automatic specialized annotation creation functions such as entity annotations, coordinate annotations, circle/arc radius annotations and planar face Z level annotations.
These avoid users having to input information that already exists.

The creation of wireframe entities (e.g. points, curves, planes, arcs, segments…) allows additional information to be provided to enhance model interpretation and for measurement purposes.


Users can also create local axis systems for specific orientation purposes.
These local axis systems can be activated as the global axis system. In this case, any newly created entities/measurements will be referenced with respect to this axis system.
Composite curves:
This new type of entity, integrated into Version 4, allows several curves to be combined and merged into one single entity whilst preserving the original individual entities. The creation process is simple yet powerful at the same time and in addition to curve entities, solid and mesh edges can be used. Composite curve analysis is a source of useful information such as curve length, whether it is planar or not, the area if it is closed and planar along with details of each element which composes the curve. Composite curves can also be used as guides for dynamic sectioning and animation purposes.









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