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After researching 3D software packages for approx. 18 months we chose Radan and have been extremely happy with the now ability to produce 3D components and switchboard assemblies.

The software program is user friendly and with the on-call assistance and training from Stephen and Marty we were able produce 3D drawings in a very short time.

The ability to fabricate parts and have them fit exactly because they have been drawn in a 3D image and then unfolded has increase our production and eliminated the remaking of parts.
Our company has benefited in so many ways with the implementation of this software and would recommend it to other sheet metal fabrication companies.


Mal Upton

At Mik Waters Fabrication we use Radan Software to run our Finn Power Turret and Shear and since having this program and support from Stephen Mullens, we have found it efficient and it makes work a lot easier for us. Stephen is very professional and his knowledge/assistance with Radan has been nothing but the highest of standards. He returns calls and emails quickly and provides me with great advice and help. I would not hesitate in recommending Stephen and Radan for all your needs.
Mik Waters Fabrication

Michael Waters

Synectix supplies precision sheet metal components to a diverse mix of clients and a vital part of our capabilities is the suite of Radan products we employ in our engineering department. Radan easily handles the programming for our Amada Pega and EMZ turret punches and our LVD laser system, providing full use of all machine features such as tapping, auto loading / unloading & part chutes.

We haven’t always used Radan, as a bad experience with an earlier, poorly supported version had led us to try other products, with separate programs used for turret and laser programming.

When it was decided to bring it all under one platform, Stephen Mullens was instrumental in convincing us that the new generation of Radan, was worth the investment. Stephen’s reputation as a skilled programmer and I.T. professional gave us the confidence to return to the Radan family and it is a decision we have not regretted.

The support, training and technical assistance provided by SNC Solutions has been second to none in my opinion, and I have seen the skills of my programmers grow as a result.

Synectix Enclosure Systems

Laurie Osmand - General Manager

Improving our productivity and reducing costs, the software program has allowed us to have a more rewarding relationship with our customers, who are able to see their ideas efficiently translated into a finished product. Please read more here.
Metaltex Australia

Daniel Pieterson

Radan has saved us time and money, from the benefits efficient nesting and time saved with offline programming.
Hi Switch Australia

Ramesh Rajani

I was introduced to Radan® in 2006 after using Software like CadCam, JetCam & SMP81 and the like. Never before have I used such a powerful package that assists us in what we produce & design. The power of Radan® is amazing. I can open a dozen separate 3D windows allowing me to ensure every part is perfect (or as close to as possible prior to sending the post to trial the part) and this feature has saved us thousands of dollars in material, time and hassles. I started with a Finn Power 2520, Amada Aries 222 and am now using Finn Power’s 2525 & F525 with over 600 punches & 3000 dies of all types and brands, all run with Radan. As far as support is concerned, I have not yet encountered any type of error (let alone a problem) that Stephen and his staff at SNC Solutions have not solved within minutes.

Everything is explained perfectly and we are guided through any type of problem no matter how trivial it may be, even PC problems not related to the Radan® software are solved without any “that’s not our problem” comments. The training provided to us by SNC Solutions is enjoyable and fun but most importantly I walk away each time with a new set of skills and a much better depth of understanding of the capability of the Radan software, which gives me more ability & increased production. As far as tooling is concerned, there is not much that Stephen does not know and if we can’t resolve the issue on the sport, there is never a long wait to get the answers. I would now rather hand code our Turret’s then swap Radan with any other software on the market.

Lowbake Australia

Dane Russell

Thanks for the follow up, the training was very helpful. We managed to fix up all the small problems, which were giving us big headaches.
I found that we are using Radan reasonably well, however I am now aware of other more powerful capabilities of Radan and will be implementing these as we go along.

It was a pleasure to have Steve here, his help was invaluable for our office and our company. His broad knowledge also helped to fix up problems which were not directly related to Radan and we are grateful for this. You can tell him that I wasn’t laughing at him, I was laughing with him.

We look forward to continuing working with you guys.


Thomas Vigor-Brown, Design Draftsman

Williams Refrigeration is a manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers for the commercial market. Within the manufacturing division, we have a sheetmetal department with two CNC Turret Punch Presses, three CNC Press Brakes and a panel folder. All the programming is done using Radan Software and is supported by SNC Solutions.

I have found Stephen Mullens to be an extremely knowledgeable and helpful asset to our business. His background as a Turret operator and Programmer has enabled him to not only support our operation, but to offer valuable advice on a consultancy basis. Stephen has supported our programmers and continually updated them on the new features and options on Radan as they are released. This has enabled us to keep up with “Best Practice’s”

SNC Solutions also support Williams in the IT department and have been instrumental in upgrading all our servers and PC’s to conform with state of the art technology. Their after service support has been excellent and they have taken the trouble to familiarize themselves with our main frame ERP system in order to be able to support it and liaise with all the interested parties.

I can thoroughly recommend SNC Solutions as a genuine partner to a Manufacturing enterprise; their knowledge of our business and their relationship with us is excellent.

Williams Refrigeration

David Sherman, Manufacturing Manager

The bending process is independent of the operators’ skills. The RadbendCNC software program performs an offline 3D simulation that works out the folding sequence and calculates where the material should be positioned in the machine, taking into account the potential for material clashes and untenable positions.

Wilson Transformer

General Manager


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