Collaboration is easy with WORKXPLORE’s lightweight, standalone application

WORKXPLORE allows users to easily share their CAD models throughout the entire design and manufacturing chain with all project members, whether they are product managers, marketing, sales, outside manufacturing consultants, customers and suppliers.

Users need no longer worry about format compatibility or what software their partners use!

WORKXPLORE enables users to communicate 3D parts and assemblies to sub-contractors, customers or colleagues using an independent application generated by WORKXPLORE. This application is extremely compact and easy to transmit by email.

The recipient can immediately display and work on the 3D model without requiring the original CAD data.
Furthermore, user access protection can be applied to ensure that only the right people see the right data
Client Viewer:
Four major improvements have been made to the Client Viewer, amongst these are the possibility of recovering an assembly as it is seen in WORKXPLORE. Labels can be added as a new annotation function by the end-user. After having defined the text, the label is created by simply clicking in the Viewing Area. The label can be freely positioned in the Viewing Area. Two new buttons have been added to the measurements list: this allows all measurements in the list to be deleted and the text of a selected label can be modified. In the Client Viewer, anchor points used for measurements are now positioned at the extremities and mid-points of model edges









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