RADAN 2022.0 – Radquote

File Support

Files that contain parts that are not made out of sheet metal can still be important. During the quote building process, these parts can be replaced with manual parts or purchased parts.

When browsing for 3D files, it is possible to open the file in DESIGNER before adding it to Radquote if DESIGNER is installed on the system.


Radquote 2022.0 is able to accept files from DESIGNER. These files can be single or multiple part files and the flat pattern is automatically read. From within DESIGNER, a part or assembly can also be sent to Radquote.

IGES Files

Radquote can now also read 3D IGES files.

Purchased Parts

Purchased parts in a quote can now be treated in specific ways. For example, they can be excluded from costs that are spread across manufactured parts.

It is also possible to replace a purchased part with a manufactured part.

Bar Nesting

It is now possible to choose the bar lengths which can be used for bar nesting. It is also possible to add a custom bar length, with a custom price.

Radquote Bar Nesting


Radquote can now use Radimport to import parts over a csv file. A new button is available in the ribbon when Radimport is installed on the machine.

Radquote radimport

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