RADAN Release Notes 2022.0 Introduction Summary

RADAN CAD CAM software for the sheet metal industry are releasing its new version here is one of the great things that you can now do:

3D File Import

3D File Import now supports the following file formats and versions:

3D file import

Nest Projects Changes – New Project Dialog

 The New Project dialog replaces the Quick Nest functionality that was introduced a few releases ago. It asks for pertinent information up-front, removing an extra step:
• Name of the project; effectively the name of the .rpd file that will be created
• Machine; this selection has two functions:
• set the active machine tool for the new project
• filter the list shown underneath (source)
• Source; the new project can be created from defaults, the existing project or a template. The list of templates is filtered by choosing the target machine tool
• Location; the location of the new nest project

New Project Dialog

The new project will be created in a subfolder of the given location and the nests will be saved in the ‘nests’ subfolder, as with ‘saved projects’ in RADAN 2020 and RADAN 2021.

Reporting – Automatic Nest Project Reports

The location for the reports is specified in the Machine Configuration Editor.

Automatic Nest Project Reports

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