DESIGNER is now an official product from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence with one core system licence and optional modules. 


Improvements have been made to the user interface to improve interactions with every command. In addition, it is now possible to save any number of preset values inside commands. This makes it quick and easy to switch between pre-saved values.
Macros have been improved so that they are more user-friendly. The automatic execution of a macro can be interrupted to display dialogs to ask questions and ask for user inputs. The responses can be used downstream in the macro for generating elements.


A suite of powerful part preparation tools has been added to the new optional Surfaces module. This suite of commands enables you to prepare parts for manufacturing. For example, you can modify large complex bends, create large offsets of complex parts, split parts into core and cavity and create parting and split plane run-off surfaces.


The improvements to the optional reverse engineering module, REcreate, improve the power and usability of many of the commonly used functions. The addition of two new commands, enables quick automatic surfacing of meshes and a fast solution for fixing problematic mesh models.


Enhancements to the optional electrode module make the functionality more powerful and intuitive. You can easily define custom process directions while defining an electrode.

Sheet Metal

Improvements have been made to material management which improve interoperability with third-party CAD files. In addition, the ability to connect the Hexagon cloud storage platform, SFx, provides access to a comprehensive material and bending database. Other improvements focus on usability to improve the overall user experience and to enhance and speed up existing processes.


RADAN DESIGNER Enhanced Pick Point
RADAN DESIGNER Dynamic section
RADAN DESIGNER New command Rib curve

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