For manufacturers who produce engineer-to-order and customised products, WORKPLAN provides all the tools needed to streamline business processes and gain real-time control of the shop floor.

Project or “engineer-to-order” customers have a unique set of requirements that standard ERP systems don’t address, such as:

  • Manufacturing highly engineered one-of-a-kind products
  • Order driven manufacturing
  • Small order volume but higher-order value
  • Products specifically engineered to customer requirements with job-specific Bill of Materials
  • Ongoing engineering iterations throughout the quotation, design, and manufacturing phases
  • Longer engineering and manufacturing lead-times
  • Milestones, progress billing, and retention payments

WORKPLAN helps engineers to order customers manage this dynamic environment by connecting the entire enterprise. WORKPLAN is a highly scalable suite of manufacturing software solutions, from project management to MES, which enables custom manufacturers to automate and manage processes such as:


WORKPLAN provides the tools to help improve on-time deliveries, material management, data integrity, job cost control, project reporting, and scheduling. Key features include:


  • Management with real-time project and job data
  • Accurate job costing and WIP control using touchscreens on the shop floor
  • Import BOM from any CAD package
  • Purchase materials directly to the job, project, or contract
  • Full revision engineering change control
  • Progress billing and estimate to completion
  • Interface to Microsoft Office Project
  • Capacity and resource planning
  • Project progress monitoring
  • Real-time access to all project data
  • Snapshot comparisons of actual versus planned costs
  • Easily manage BOM and routing revisions