​Happy New Year and welcome back!

SNC hopes that everyone enjoyed their time off over the Christmas holidays. Getting back into the routine of work after a break can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. You might be physically at work, while your brain is still in holiday mode. To take some of the stress out of your first few days back we have put together some tips!

How to easily contact SNC:

Have you ever noticed a little green dot icon on the taskbar of your computer? Did you know that if you click that dot, you can contact SNC? All of our contact details are easily accessible with just one click.

From the taskbar, you can call or email the support team, submit a service request through the self-service portal, and access our knowledge base!







Contacting SNC Solutions

SNC Self-Service Portal

The SNC Self-Service Portal allows you to submit tickets and service requests as well as gives managers the ability to view all tickets for their company. Having everything in one place is easier to manage as emails can sometimes get lost or forgotten in your inbox!

The portal also contains our knowledge base, here you can find articles created by SNC. We have plenty of ‘how to’ articles that show you how to complete a task step by step and other articles to help solve common problems.

Please email support@sncsolutions.com.au if you are unable to access the portal.

How to run a full scan on your device:

While you were away your computer was probably turned off, and because of this, the device hasn’t had a full scan to check the security and health. It is important that your computer has a full scan at least once a week. SNC automatically runs a full scan of your computer every Tuesday night but if the device is turned off the scan won’t work. A pop-up message will appear on most computers at 2 pm every Tuesday with a reminder to leave your computer on overnight. To run a full scan all you have to do is select the shield icon on the taskbar.

Virus Scan steps

Contact us

If you would like to know more about Microsoft Teams and how it can optimise productivity within your business, or have any questions about app integrations, please reach out to support@sncsolutions.com.au, one of our techs will be in contact with you.