SNC News

Our Junior Tech Peter departed SNC earlier this month after 4 years of wonderful work. We are sad to see Peter go but we are happy for him to be pursuing new opportunities.

We would like to thank Peter for all his help over the years at SNC and we wish him all the best in his next venture.

Meysam (Sam) has recently joined the team at SNC as our new Junior Tech, he will be taking over Peters’s role. Meysam has extensive certificates in Cyber Security but being a junior tech means he still has a lot to learn.

We would like to welcome Meysam to SNC, he will be an integral addition to the team.

Please bear with us while we work through these changes, we will have some ups and downs but after that, it should be smooth sailing ahead.

KEEPER Security

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Many businesses spend a lot of time hiring and onboarding new employees to ensure they have access to everything they need on their first day on the job. The same care taken for onboarding can often be lacking when it comes to offboarding an employee. Improper offboarding and suspension of the user’s permissions and access can pose as a significant security risk for your business.

Offboarding and revoking the user’s permissions can be manual and time-consuming, yet it is also extremely time sensitive and needs to be actioned as soon as the employee leaves. Often employees give their 2 weeks’ notice and you can establish when their last day is, but this isn’t always the case and unforeseeable events can happen.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Many businesses struggle with offboarding and 20% of organisations say that they’ve experienced a data breach that is linked to former employees. To combat this and improve your business’s security it’s important to put steps in place. An onboarding/offboarding checklist is a great way to ensure nothing gets missed and things run smoothly whether you’re hiring or firing.

What to include in your checklist:

  • Let SNC know if an employee is starting/leaving the business – most important!
  • Applications that the employee needs access to
  • Productivity tools
  • CRM tools
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • File shares
  • Devices
  • Networks (VPN, Wi-Fi access)

It is extremely important to let SNC know if an employee is starting or leaving, as soon as the employee accepts the job and as soon as an employee hands in their resignation, we need to know so that we can action and plan in accordingly. We understand that most of our customers are busy, however, we require a minimum of 2 days’ notice for a new user and to be notified as soon as possible if an employee is terminated.