As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the latest information and ensuring the security of your systems, we would like to share some important IT tips regarding cybersecurity.

Cyber Aware

Microsoft has also announced that they will be reviewing their pricing semi-annually (every February and September) taking into consideration currency fluctuations.

By training your employees in cyber security awareness you are making your business more secure. All training material is based on real-world events and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Courses are released monthly over a 12-month period.


​Cyber Aware also allows SNC to run email phishing simulations, this allows employees to experience the methods hackers use in a safe and constructive manner. With monthly phishing campaigns, human risk can be reduced by 80%.

The Cyber Aware Professional License includes the following:

  • Unlimited Phishing Simulations
  • Monthly Awareness Training
  • Access to all Awareness Posters
  • Access to Cyber Aware Business/Health Check/Toolkit
  • 20+ print ready PDF posters
  • New Material Released Monthly
  • Brandable posters available

SNC strongly encourages all businesses to take part in Cyber Security training, to help our customers we have included 20 Cyber Aware Professional licenses on our Platinum Service Plans.

Keeper Security – Password Manager

Cybercrime is more prevalent these days, cyber criminals are launching sophisticated attacks to gain access to businesses through stolen passwords. The credentials are obtained by exploiting weak and reused passwords. Employees often resort to reusing passwords as they can’t remember hundreds of passwords required for their day-to-day jobs. 80% of data breaches are the cause of weak or stolen passwords, cyber security must start with password security.


SNC has also teamed up with Keeper Security to provide a secure option for password management. We have been using Keeper since the start of 2023 and highly recommend it.

Why we love Keeper Security:

  • Security Audit Dashboard
  • Breach Watch monitors unique and strong passwords as well as notifying you if a password has been breached.
  • Share Passwords and Credentials within your organisation using a shared folder.
  • Create Secure One-Time Share Access for Records
  • Multifactor Authentication on Supported Websites and Apps.
  • End User Guides that have how to documents and videos.
  • We love it so much that we include 2 Keeper Business Plus licenses on our Platinum Service Plans

We understand that navigating the obstacles of cybersecurity can be challenging. The SNC team is here to support you and provide expert guidance. If you have any questions or require assistance in implementing these recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out.