RADAN Release Notes 2022.1 Introduction Summary

Major new enhancements have been made to these functionalities within RADAN 2022.1:

  • 3D file import
  • Radm-ax / Radtube
  • Radbend

3D file import

Nest Projects changes

The Nest Projects environment has been further enhanced to give the user more visibility and control over the nesting process.

New ways of importing files into nesting include DESIGNER files, RADAN .sym files and .CSV files to improve processes and communication with logistics systems.

The user has now more visibility and control over the nesting process, which allows further optimisation of material usage.



Part identification has been improved by adding standard report functionality to produce labels. Labels can be defined freely and can contain order specific information for improved material flow within the organisation.

Automatic nesting

Automatic nesting now allows parts to be categorised for ‘pre-cut’ blank nesting and ‘single-part’ nesting so that the logistical flow of the parts is further optimised without compromising automation.


New functionality for punching machines makes it easier to make fine adjustments to the tooling application on a part and adds security features to highlight potentially hazardous situations.


Radm-ax / Radtube


New strategies for cutting structural steel make sure the machine tool and the material are used to their full potential.


Enhancements in nesting allow more orientations for parts to be attempted to improve the material utilisation. Additional functionality for managing assemblies improves tracking of parts in the production process.

RADAN Radtube


More automation features allow Radbend to be successfully used in an automatic way, reducing the time needed by the software user.

RADAN Radbend



DESIGNER now automatically warns users about flanges that are too short to be produced – any parts with errors can easily be singled out for inspection, significantly reducing the time spent by the user.

Sheet metal features

New functionality allows hems and etching to be added and managed on a part.

Tenons and mortices

To make it easier to assemble tubular structures, tenons can be used. This eliminates costly errors and greatly improved speed of assembly.

RADAN Designer
RADAN Designer
RADAN Designer