RADAN software is always updating here are some new product features and enhancements in DESIGNER Sheetmetal CAD-CAM software 2022.1.

Unfolding – Flanges too short

DESIGNER will now highlight problems where a flange is too short to be bent using a given v-width.

Parts with errors

Advanced filters can now easily be used to isolate problem parts.

Editing Bends

When the user changes the bend radius, DESIGNER will automatically adjust the corner relief.

Speed and Performance

The speed of unfolding assemblies has been greatly improved and made more tolerant to complex touching faces.


DESIGNER now offers support for adding end editing hem features.

Bump Radii or Large Radius Bends

Support for large radius bends has been enhanced further by calculating the number of steps based on the v-width.


Etched features can now be managed on parts and their unfoldings.

Split Edges

The Split edge command can accommodate more complex edge shapes as shown in the image.

Tenons and Mortices

DESIGNER now allows tenons and mortices to be added to parts in an assembly. This functionality can be used on both tube and sheet metal parts and can be used to aid positioning during assembly.